Winter 2010

Pano house
Design needed: A trellis design. We may redo the front of the house outside the living room with a balcony and french doors. This bump out is to have corbels below it that match the trellis over the garage doors. Margaret Thorp had a design we need to pull out a look at again.

studio doors

Pateo outside master bedroom

The trellis holding up this very old ivy also needs to be replaced with a trellis that is designed to match the others. The trellis that will extend the height of the Smith wall also need to use this design


This new trellis design may need to incorporate existing elements such as these corbels

upstairs pateo

The trellis design may also be used on the posts that are on long the Donnally wall

Iron grid trellis needed

A grid trellis is needed here for safety. On the other side of this wall is quite a drop, maybe 20-30 feet.

one more post and iron trellis needed behind this wine barrel.

unfinished grape trellis, maybe it will be replaced by the new trellis design

existing grid trellis behind George's espalier trees

one more corner grid trellis needs to be made for the opposite corner

dead jelly palm

One of the Jelly palms died this year. Perhaps something was in the drainage or too much water may have been the problem.

Established Patterns
corbels, iron grid, Iron baskets and scrolls, solid plate iron on gates, soft curving plaster, talavera tile

Trellace above garage iron trellace

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