Tile search for Lynette Harris

Looking for stars

I want this pattern
stars are different sizes and rotations
If these are not hand painted then what are they?


I do NOT want these tile


I'd like to find a mural with this Mary and the snake portrayed also

9-2006 Solid Cobalt BLUE TILE, color lightened a bit to see more of the texture. Tile "A" is almost 3/8" thick, Tile "B" is ~ 1/4" thick.

ordered 90 on 8-12-04 from SW Passage
they will be ordering more of #150

Where are these?
Can't remember where I found this one. I'd use these as the backsplash on the counter in the laudry room if I could find them


tile decisions yet to make-

  • risers on stairs up to kitchen
  • floor border in downstair bathroom
  • do we have enough 2" accent tiles for saltillo floor in entry?
  • medalions on laundry room wall
  • will be adding another row of border around mural
  • tile around front door


  • Tierrayfuego is most expensive but they have trim and switch covers. in San Diego. $2.60 a tile
  • mex mercado - texas, retired part timers who order tile made. Takes 2 months to get more stock. $2 a tile plus shipping, Micheal and Donna O'Shea , long delivery time
  • Merque recieved order from them. Had a couple broken tiles. no answer on phone or from emails now . Fairly good prices
  • Dog Canyon- Leo, has lots of stuff for good prices. goes to Mexico regularly to pick up orders. web site doesn't list his inventory. Answers the phone!
  • Lino Landeros is also Pilot944 on Ebay. Web site- Tesoro de Mexico , store on ebay. Online enough to answers questions quickly.
  • carolinatileworks.com
  • SouthWest Passages.com Delia
  • Mexican Touch- , bubbles, bent, gaps in glaze, their logo stickers on every tile,
  • speedygonzales- beautiful peacock tile 9-8-04 will be picking up peacock tile and hopefully finding the cobalt bead or rounders for the edge
  • Import Tile Co
    (510) 843-5744 http://www.importtile.com/
more entry & sink cabinet tile 9-28
info@carolinatileworks.com immediate response-
sorry no
Delia O'leary [rustic@sbcglobal.net]
confused which tile  
Dolores Revel [imports_unlimited0@hotmail.com]    
Leo Cuevas [leocuevas@yahoo.com] I called him, he said no  
Mexican Touch [justmexicanbeauty@hotmail.com]    
speedygonzales- Delana Mohler [dmohler@houston.rr.com] instant response -no  
Mike & Donna at Mex mercado yes, coming (both?)