Step Options

Bottom riser will have same tile as base board tile, except turned on the diagonal.
Middle riser should tie bottom riser tile with top riser choice
Top riser has a unique opportunity as it wraps around the corner and around the middle riser

1-colorful, matches with base tile in room,
too girly for George?
Could use this one for middle riser and #3 or 4 for top

2- interesting, could match. Goerge doesn't like itnow that it looks so square.

3- George likes this one but we don't have enough on hand now. I'd have to order it.

4- George likes this one but it may have too much teracota in the background, will it blend too much with Saltillos

5-not enough of this one either
6- we used this onein the laundry room already but George really likes it!

THis is the base tile around the room and will be used for the bottom riser

mock up option 1- done in graphics program

mock option 2

I like this one best!

george likes this one alot

can we order this one for the Bathroom? George says yes