Laundry Room Project
look what buying a jackhammer does!
what was suppose to be just an alcove for the washer dryer turns into a whole other room

The washer and dryer will be on raised area

Dan the man pauses to indulge the photographer

1st try at a peacock finds a place

2nd try
black grout going in, very messy stuff!

Black grout sets off colors

green background aournd snake a little off

utility boxes

snake and rat quarter round
left side grouted, right not


There is still no beeks but the faucet and sink are in!


snake food in lower corner

Sink cab now with quarter round edge and black grout. Still needs "beeks," then sink and faucets

Trompe mural for wall
horizone line of water to sky,
sky fades to nightsky for ceiling.
What medium shall I use? I tried paint but 'don't have the technique required.
I could print it somehow on fabric or vinyl- found the company!

mock up of trompe wall with venisian plaster

Laundry room close to finish. Night sky yet to be painted on ceiling, Some airbrush gradient yet to do along ceiling edge. World medallion in place, faux plaster paint finish done rather than the real thing.

I will try to paint this on tile for medallions