Inside the Luzanne house
mid- November 2000
July 2004

This is the 2 car garage. Notice the high ceilings and window in back. The garage needs repair for water damage and pests. We may replace the window with a garage door that will open onto a slab for doing messy projects out of site from the front of the house.

The garage is packed full of stuff. You don't need to see a picture!

View of the 700 sq ft basement looking across to studio door way in back. This will probably be 2 rooms, dance studio and an office, plus a full bath and kitchenette.  The plumbing for the bath is already there. The washer and dryer will be down here also. Hopefull we can keep the cool laundry shoot somehow.The french drain needed to fix the winter wetness and flooding that collects on the floor will be done right away.


Sophia is standing on the stairs that go up to the kitchen . We may move them to make the kitchen larger.

This is the end of the basement that we may turn into a dance studio. The french drain will go behind the visable shelves on the left.

George is walking into the kitchen. Behind him, you are looking into the living room and dining area.  

Here you are standing where George was in the above picture and looking out the kitchen door onto the patio. 

So far, we painted the kitchen white, replaced the appliances, hardware, and lights. We still need to figuire out how and which direction we will enlarge the kitchen. Meanwhile, I've got to get rid of that ugly flooring!

Mid, the present owner, is putting away her stuff so they won't be in the picture. The grand piano will probably go at far end. I'm standing in the dining area.

Under that avocado shag carpet was a hardwood floor!

The railing visable out side the window is just a catwalk at this point so you can clean the windows. To the left is the front door.

The gas fireplace. Under the carpet is hardwood floors. Eventually the tired wood panaling will go. 

That's a new gas fireplace insert and fan. Presently it's the only heat in the house. Those built in shelves aren't adequate for music or much else. The brick hearth runs all the way down behind the piano. It's gotta go! This room will probably be one of the last projects and priorities.

The master bedroom has only a half bath but a shower can be added fairly easily, either inside in area visable to near right or out onto the patio side on the back of the house. French doors will probably replace the widnows you see here and will lead you out onto a private deck with a spa. 

 Hallway. The far door looks into the master bedroom. The kitchen is near left, livingroom far left, 1 bedroom on right, full bath just behind me and to right, and another bedroom behind me.

The avocado shag carpet is gone and we tried to paint over the avo wallpaper as a temporary fix.

This bedroom looks to the back of the house. Supposedly it is the warmest room in the house.

Sophia's room with her grandmother's bed.

 This is the only full bath at present. It is very yellow but fine for now!

The other bedroom looks out onto the patio. More french doors will probably be put in here.

Michel's room.
Now come look at the OUTSIDE!
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