Entry Tile Project
last updated 7-23-04

the tile below for the riser leading to the door. 24ft of tile needed x 3 = 72 individual tiles needed
Leo @ Dog Canyon says he has 18 more of these tiles. We have 9. need 45 more beyond what Leo has. Leo has agreed to hold these for us and will be going back to Mexico in 2 months. He will get several boxes (100 tiles per) I've told him that we will need more as we redo more exterior stairways.
August- bought the 18 plus 50 more of the tile at bottom. We will probably use tile from this same group for the exterior stairs going up to the deck

the tile below to surround the doorway
21 ft of tile needed x 3 = 63, x 2rows = 126.
The tiles we have are used and need the old morter ground off. We have 84 of these including some that may be too chipped. Leo will look for these also. He will be sending photos of other possible tiles to go with this theme.
  This doorway perimeter hopefully will tie into the medallions we've applied to several spots on the white walls around the front of the property.
In August, bought 50 of this tile from Leo to help finish this project