December 2006
Harris Residence,
iron work phase
Photo 1- Gate installed at last

List of needed Iron work

  • fencing along top of wall below garage- photos 9 & 10
  • longer planter above garage door- photo 2
  • shorter planter above street side- photo 3 & 4
  • gate at top of tile stairs- done- at left- photo 1
  • guard rail at top of back stairs - photo 6
  • hand rail on back stairs - photos 5 & 7
  • driveway gate- posts need to be installed- then gate ordered
  • studio pateo railings- photo 11



Iron workers-

  • Mark Maustrap - disappeared after installing gate at left
  • Steve Cotton of Seven's Heaven- disappeared 11/07, left paint sprayer here and much undone. will not return phone calls even though he is listing again on Craig's List. Did we do something wrong?
  • Al's Welding?
  • Zappetini?
  • Sun Iron Works? never returned a quote as promised


email Lynette

email George

Iron Planters above garage
Photo 2- trellace above garage door



Photo 3- deck, gaps for two planters
stantions visible for attaching planters
Photo 4- gateway at top of tiled stairs and street side planter
gate way is 39.5 inches wide
Stair Railings behind garage
Photo 5- looking down back stairs. iron railing needed at yellow line


Photo- 6
wall at top of back stairs needing railing.
top of wall will be ground level on other side
Photo- 7
Looking up back stairs- just after a rain

April 08

steps behind garage

Photo- 8
George's workshop
Railings along driveway
Photo- 9
unfinished railing along driveway. Pickets are bent at top because they are recycled from another project where they didn't get used.
Photo- 10
gate needed
Studio Patio Railings
Photo 11


Misc Photos

This is some of the iron we have already bought from King Metals and Arhictectural resources

Clavos, lizard, speak easy and door handle. Twisted baskets for railings at right---

gate found online by Terrie
this is the gate we will be ordering for the bottom of the driveway. We now have a smaller one like this on street side of garage
original version by Mark


2nd version mockup in garage

2nd version mockup in garage

water collects at gate in dangerous puddle

Mark's gate

photo 8
tile stairs also need iron salloon doors at bottom. deer , coon, and dog (and maybe chicken) proof
opening is 40.5 inches

Window grill in Pals, Spain that Margaret used to design planters

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