David's Drawings
scheme B, scheme B modified
scheme B- oct 07 David's , Lynette's modifications with nana walls , sortof a mock up

Scheme B

Playing with Scheme B
Hi David, from your presentation, it seems that scheme B is the one you really want us to experiment with. I have played around with it. I realized while playing with this one that the kitchen still has a view out the front because the house isn't that wide and the LR would be quite open. Thank you!

  • I flipped the master bdrm and the sitting room to connect the bdrm with the patio outside of it. This also may allow for the master bath to be connected to a grotto in the back. We don't take tub baths.
  • I brought back the front porch. Perhaps its an illusion on my part, but it seem that the living room was really big and would benefit from the being able to open it up to the outdoors. And I like my front porch. I also tried to see how much room the piano would take there.
  • I moved the fireplace around the corner. I thought perhaps that we could put a pizza oven fireplace there and then it would be close to the kitchen.
  • I added the balcony to the front of the house. It doesn't need to be that big but would be another connection to the outdoors and shade the studio downstairs. I'd also be able to get my fort outlook back.
  • I still think that we could pop out in the back of the house. perhaps this would give us just a bit more room to move stuff around a bit.
  • I move the island in the outdoor kitchen to open the area up more. Perhaps it could go next to a stairway going to the upper yard.
  • I brought the roof line back over the deck so that you can still see past the house to the upper yard and views of our lovely big old oak.

more changes that I haven't tried yet.--

  • split the laundry room into a half bath with a door accessible from the pool, and a pantry. Though, that would block the exit directly out the back of the house.
  • move the frig closer to the other end of the kitchen so that it is easier to get to from the outdoor or summer kitchen.
  • I would like a lowered stove in the summer kitchen for canning and maybe an oven that doesn't heat up the kitchen for summer baking.
  • The outdoor and indoor kitchens could have sinks that mirror each other and have only a window between. i could wash produce from the garden right there on my way back into the house.
Thank you!