Smith Wall and Trellises
What are we going to do along the the top of the Smith wall?
Goal- maximum privacy and tie in with other areas of the yard and house. Keep pets in and wild critters out.

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finished for now
finished for now, Dec 2011. We still have risers to tile.

Smith wall

Stacked wood trellace with corbels and metal grid as top layer. Bamboo screening visible is 6 feet tall.We would need additional fencing going up the hill to the height of that bamboo screening.
White pole is 10 ft tall.

Smith wall mock up

trellis fence grid railingGeorge's grid top fence Stair railing with baskets

bedroom patio


Which areas do we cover?

George had thought we were going to cover all these areas- B-E and then wanted a vertical grid on the wall at area A

I am worried about feeling like being inside a birdcage. I'd rather use a combo of wood and iron in areas A, B, C and maybe D. No trellis or cover over area E.

I feel strongly that whatever treatment we do at A needs to match the trellis at B. C would run into A over the gate at the top of the lower stairs.

It may all need to match the trellis over the garage too. See picture below.

Will the catwalk around the front of the house (under area B and around) stay the same size or be made deeper?


Trellis C from above

New Trellis Pattern needed

Plaster details from Pateo
This is the front pateo after being freshly plastered