Harris House "Program" for David Ludwig
over all style for house- mediterrainean
  • primitive, plebian, no ostentacious BS
  • utilitarean
  • no crown molding
  • bull nose everything with BIG radius
  • high celiings and doorways
  • deep eaves or protected outside areas
  • solar power on roof
  • keep fort views. I like to be able to look up the road or see who is in our driveway. I get up in the night to check noises.
  • I like the simplicity or Greek styles and the decorative details concentrated in select areas like Arabic styles
  • don't like fake stone or artificially aged brick etc...
  • open
  • santa barbara style
  • open ceilings with large trusses
  • exposed lintels
  • bar
  • concrete countertops
  • minimal upper cabinets
  • bull nose everything
  • I am inspired by out door kitchens, not reality for indoor kitchen?
  • granite is too busy, ugly, dated
  • tile is wonderful except on countertops
  • Alot of counter space
  • 6 burner stove
  • 2 dishwashers
  • restaurant faucet (have )
  • functional working kitchen not cutesy
  • seating for eating , booth?
  • big room, family room kitchen
  • radient heating in new floor areas
  • keep kitchen in existing corner of house
  • i like brown granite, i don't like the way concrete cracks
Outdoor Kitchen
  • as much weather protection as practical
  • how do we retain views but have shelter from rain and sun (and bugs?)
  • area for cooking with fire
  • sink
  • facilities for canning fruit- gas burner in low counter top. faucet over burner
  • open enough for groups to cook together. potlucks etc...
living room
living room should be music room and have seating for visiting with groups
TV okay just less prominent and hidden behind doors or curtain
seperate media room for music and TV

separate toilet from the rest of sink, (poopers monoplize BRs for long periods of time!)

dual sinks- I want my own sink!

big window to outdoors, no privacy glass

master bedroom

both of us will need easy access to br
geo needs his own BIG closet that has doors that shut in his clutter

i want privacy

french doors to patio

I like the window shades open, I like to see the time of day and weather just by looking out the window. I like to hear the sounds of the night creatures outside.

a lot of closet

the moon shining in the window keeps George awake.

kids bath

they will each need their own sink also

outdoor access

kids rooms

arches and curtains

open ceiling

open floor area for play

windows at bed height